Monday, October 26, 2009

North Dakota shredding!

It is 38F in Fargo today. The summer is gone but the shredding lives on. Chad Heller and This Skateshop are holding it down in ND.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mark Villero, Smith grind, Los Angeles

Mark does Smiths in his sleep. Once when we were on tour in Alabama, we were sleeping and we woke up because Mark was sleep-skating and doing Smith grinds. It was ridiculous but he does throw it down nice.

Monday, October 12, 2009

No tickets here

Matt Huse, Ollie Melon to Fakie

graffiti yo

Skate spot graf 1

Friday, October 9, 2009

Busted for getting ready to skate.

I hate Duarte Sheriffs. Rolled up, wasn't skating yet gave me a ticket said he had been watching me for 10 minutes. Bullshit!!

Skateboarding Skateboarding ticket,Underground Wheel Co.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Trip Crew

from left to right
derm, lil eazy, cano vision, and brock!
what is there to say about santa cruz!? besides a 9 hour drive there from san diego! i would say that santa cruz was the best skate trip i have ever had! good times, crazy misadventures,a dance party at ucsc,the woods, sleeping in a car in front of the santa cruz park, run in with police, a contest, snapped boards, and a pink girl softball helmet!
well besides those things that i mentioned above, there was so much to this trip! it sucks that we didn't captur more of it but being a skater wit  horrible memory i didn't remember i had a camera till we were leaving thus the one group photo! The skaters you see in this picture are my homies and SAN DIEGO'S FINEST! Derm is a gnarly ripper! he hardflipped the city college 12 stair! the next guy is Lil' BERIK OR LIL EAZY whatever you wanna call him this fool is the defintion of butter and style!!!!and lastly brock!!!! WASHINGTON STREET LOC!!!!! brock is the sickest person ever!! but be ready when you kick it with him he'll break your balls and yell some profane words hahaha!!! he will thrash around any park with crazy amounts of speed and style and make transition look so easy!!!
This was the crew and i wouldn't of had it any other way !!!! BIG SHOUT OUT TO OUR BOY WILL WHO PUT US UP ONE NIGHT !!! THANKS WILL!!!!! TILL NEXT TIME PEOPLE CANO VISION SIGNING OUT!

Santa Cruz skateboarding,cano cardenas

no skateboarding with roller skates.